The Complete Renovation Solutions process is a comprehensive, collaborative approach with the client.  It’s a complete Design-Build process where the client can enjoy one point of contact for the design and planning of their project as well as the actual construction of their project.

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The Complete Difference


Discovery & Discussion

The Discovery and Discussion Phase is the start of our consultative process.  This stage includes the initial phone call, a home consultation and discussion of the your budget.

 The initial phone call sets the stage for a productive first face to face meeting at your house.  We discuss your specific project during the initial call to get a general feel for what the scope of work will entail.  We ask basic questions at this point to make sure that we have a good understanding of the project and are better prepared for our first in-home visit.

During the first in-home consultation, we will discuss the space that you want to remodel.  Our top priority is to discover your needs and the vision you have for your project.  We want to have a complete understanding of what isn’t working for you in your home, discussing ideas and exploring options. 

Budget….the dirty word in construction and remodeling.  Budget is, however, a very important discussion to have at this point.  How much have you set aside for your project?  Your budget needs to cover design, planning, construction and permits.  What consideration is most often left out of your budget?  A contingency for the unexpected.  The budget conversation is important because we will design your project based on maximizing your budget.


Design Process

With the information gathered in the Discovery stage, our in house design team begins to layout and design your project, balancing wants and needs with your budget in mind.  The scope of work for your project starts to take shape during the Design and Development Phase.  By designing to your budget early in the process, cost overages can be prevented.

Our team guides you through the material selection process, starting with your first visit to our showroom where we have cabinetry, flooring, tile, countertop and plumbing selections.  Having our own showroom makes for a single stop for all your needs, making the process convenient and fun.

During this stage, we will create elevation and 3D renderings of your project – giving you a walk through of your new space on a big screen TV in 4K! 

It’s during this stage that a proposal is created with your estimated cost.  There may be several design modifications for your project and additional selections made during this phase.  Each new rendering narrows the proposal cost until arriving at a final cost. 


Construction Documents & Final Selections

With the design completed and approved, final selections are made and the final fixed price proposal is prepared for your approval.  A final presentation takes place and your construction contract is signed.


Execution & Management

The proper foundation for your project was set during the design- build process with careful planning and design, based on your budget.  Now is the time to execute the prepared proposal. 

 Prior to the start of construction, we will meet with you to set expectations and discuss the schedule for your project.  During this meeting, you will be given a full project schedule detailing which trade will be in your home when.  There will be on-going site-supervision throughout the construction phase and frequent updates regarding status and schedule.


Completion & Close Out

As your project nears completion, your project manager will complete a final walk through of your project with you.  Any concerns will be noted during this walk through so both parties have a checklist for timely resolution and completion of your project. 

We are a design-build firm


Comparing the two common remodeling methods.


Owner manages one contract with a single point of responsibility.


Owner must manage 2 separate contracts.


Only one company designing and executing the design leading to better project quality.


Owner becomes a middleman in disputes between designer and contractor.


Changes are addressed by the design-build entity, not used as excuses.


Designer and contractor can easily blame each other for cost overruns and other problems.


Overlapping of design and construction process helps identify potential issues before breaking ground, while creating guaranteed costs.


It gives readers information or direction on how to do something.