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Blue-grey kitchen backsplash installation
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Tile is everywhere. From the backsplash of your kitchen, the floors of your shower, the walls of your local bar, to the lobby of your favorite hotel – there’s no questioning the fact that tile covers some of our favorite and most intimate spaces.
You may already know that tile dates back to ancient times, as archaeologists continue to excavate bits and pieces from sites around the world. What you may not know about tile though, is that it’s as rugged as it is beautiful, delivers as many health benefits for the occupants of any space as it does timeless design touches, and, thanks to the fact that each piece is hand-laid, it provides customization opportunities simply unattainable through any other surface option.
Simply put, porcelain and ceramic is the secret to safe, stylish and sustainable spaces.
One of the many advantages of tile is how easy it is to keep clean. There is no need for harsh detergents, powders, or chemical cleaners. Tile does not
require repetitive sealing either. An installation of tile will mean simple maintenance for the lifetime of the application.


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